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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

For the last ten years, Bell Remodeling and Construction has specialized in drought tolerant landscaping because it’s low maintenance and can reduce water usage. In certain circumstances, drought tolerant landscaping can save you up to 50% of the water-usage. An energy efficient landscape looks different depending on where you live. A desert home in Lancaster will obviously look different from a home in upstate San Francisco. It pays to do ample research on your region before you begin planning your landscape.

When creating a water-wise landscape, we follow these key strategies for success:
  •  Recognize site variations. Areas in your landscape may significantly vary in soil type exposure to light and wind, evaporation rates and moisture levels. Sandy, well-drained soil dries out quicker, while heavy clay soil is likely to remain moist longer. Adding in exposure to sun and wind can create a dry microclimate even in areas with adequate rainfall.

  •  Select plants that match the site conditions. Use plants that thrive under existing site conditions. A poor match leads to poor performance and possible plant death.

  • Group plants of “like needs.”  Intentionally group plants together that have similar water and sun exposure needs. Group any water-demanding plants together in a site close to a water source.

  •  Provide care during establishment. Even drought-tolerant plants require supplemental watering during establishment. Once the root system is established, the plant will require less attention. Apply mulch to conserve soil moisture for newly developing roots.

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