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Exterior Painting

 At Bell Remodeling and Construction, we work with various paint manufactures such as Dunn-Edwards, Sherwin-Williams, and Cool Life Heat-Reflective Coating. While there are positives to all types of paint, Cool Life exterior coating is the most energy efficient and quality lasting paint than any other product in the market. Not only will it give any home a lasting new look, but it will also save homeowners money on home cooling costs. The patented technology found in Cool Life reflects much of the sun's natural infrared rays, keeping your home cooler than painting or stucco alone. Cool Life is many times thicker than regular paint, and is guaranteed* not to chip, flake, peel, or crack for the lifetime you own your home. We can provide that kind of assurance because the Cool-Life heat reflecting paint products come from one of the top manufacturers in the industry.

 *Call us for full warranty details.

  • Reflect heat from the sun so that your home’s interior stays comfortable with less reliance on your HVAC system, a perk that can save you money on your monthly energy bills

  • Fight dirt buildup, which means you’ll rarely have to clean your home’s exterior

  • Help safeguard your home from fire, as these elastomeric coating products feature flame-retardant properties

  • Shield your home from potential deterioration with a thick, waterproof layer of protection that seals existing cracks and helps prevent new ones from forming

  • Financing Options, which offers attractive terms to qualified homeowners

Beyond those benefits, BRC can provide custom options in color-matching and texture so that you can get just about any look you want for your home. 

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