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Financing Options

Secured Financing


FortiFi is committed to providing a transparent and affordable financing option for property owners. They remove the obstacles that traditionally stand in the way of financing energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, and hurricane protection improvements.
Home Run Financing

Home Run Financing is a leading energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy finance company. Their team has decades of experience working with contractors and decades of experience with residential lending.

Unsecured Financing

Energy Loan Network

ELN Lenders offer the most consumer friendly repayment terms in the industry, with no homeowner fees or pre-payment penalties. Homeowners love our competitive loan products and excellent service.
Foundation Finance Company

Foundation Finance Company provides fast, common sense loan decisions and simple, flexible consumer finance programs that help their dealers build their bottom line.
Aqua Finance

Aqua Finance provides fast, flexible financing programs to a variety of different industries, including: Water Treatment , Home Improvement, HVAC, Marine, RV, Powersports and more.